February 03, 2018


Hong Kong Taiwanese Student Association
Spring Tram Party 2018

At around nine thirty, the Taiwanese Students posed in front of the Tram and took a group photo, a symbol of new friendship, and stronger ties with the old. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, the weather was cold with wind in their faces on the open deck tram, but they felt anything but.

Every year, HKTSA hosts events to bring fellow students from Taiwan who are studying in various universities in Hong Kong together during spring gatherings. This year was much different from the rest—On February third, this is HKTSA’s first attempt at hosting a Tram Party.

The party started off with ice breaking games and buffet platters, over which they met with not only new friends that were enrolled in the various universities in Hong Kong, but fellow exchange students from Taiwanese universities as well. The route began near Hong Kong University MTR station at Whitty Street Tram Depot, passing Causeway Bay, making a turn at Happy Valley and back to Whitty Street. In addition to ice breaking games, HKTSA also prepared trivia of unusual facts about Hong Kong to show Taiwanese students a side of this city they have not noticed before.

All in all, the party ended with a happy note. The Spring Gathering enabled Taiwanese Students in Hong Kong to get to know those who they might not had the chance to meet and brought us even closer.

article by Po Chun YEH